Surprising Ways CBD Benefits Your Mind and Body

Cannabidiol (CBD) has emerged as a safe, natural alternative to pain medications, anxiolytics, and antidepressants. This substance accounts for 40% of the Cannabis sativa plant extract, being the second most abundant cannabinoid after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

The global CBD market was worth $4.6 billion in 2018, and it only keeps growing. This naturally occurring compound isn’t a cure-all, but it may improve your health and ward off diseases. Clinical evidence confirms its efficacy in the treatment of chronic pain, mental disorders, high blood pressure, acne, and other common ailments.

CBD is also being studied for its beneficial effects on patients with knee osteoarthritis, Rett Syndrome, and bipolar disorder. Both human and animal studies suggest that it may improve arthritis symptoms and cardiovascular health.

What makes cannabidiol stand out is its high safety profile. This compound has none of the side effects of medications and can be safely used for an extended time. It’s even prescribed for children and teens.

Need more proof? Here’s what you should know about CBD extract and its potential health benefits.

What Is Cannabidiol Oil?

Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effects. Simply put, it won’t get you high. This naturally occurring substance wards off stress and promotes relaxation while relieving pain. But you won’t feel sedated in any way.

In the U.S., it’s legal to use CBD products that are derived from hemp and contain up to 0.3% THC by dry weight.

Naked Artisan Hemp Oil Extract by Elixir Labs meets these requirements. Our formula contains less than 0.3% THC, so it’s safe to use and doesn’t affect your mood. Plus, it’s produced in an FDA-approved facility and has no GMOs.

But how does CBD work? Your body has an internal network called the endocannabinoid system. NADA, 2-AG, anandamide, and other endocannabinoids regulate every single physiological function, including but not limited to:

• Appetite
• Mood
• Energy levels
• Thermoregulation
• Pain response
• Stress response
• Metabolism
• Ocular pressure
• Muscle control

When the endocannabinoid system is out of whack, your entire body suffers.

In fact, there’s a condition known as clinical endocannabinoid deficiency, which has been linked to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), glaucoma, cystic fibrosis, bipolar disease, migraines, fibromyalgia, and other ailments. This disorder is also thought to play a major role in chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Both CBD and THC target the endocannabinoid system but in different ways. CBD doesn’t directly trigger the CB1 and CB2 receptors like THC does. Instead, it modifies their ability to bind to cannabinoids.

This substance also activates certain receptors that regulate the body’s response to inflammation, pain, and other afflictions. Additionally, it stimulates the release of anandamide, a molecule that positively affects your mood, motivation, appetite, and pain response.

Cannabidiol is available in several forms, from CBD oil and tinctures to coffee, chocolate, candies, and gummies. CBD oil, one of the most widely used forms, comes in different concentrations and has few or no side effects.

If you decide to try Naked Artisan Hemp Oil Extract 1000 mg, you only need to pour a drop under your tongue and hold for one minute. Each serving (1 ml) delivers 32 milligrams of CBD extract.

Therapeutic Uses of CBD

CBD extract has been proven effective for sciatica pain, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety disorders, and more. Some studies suggest that it may improve cardiovascular health and protect against heart disease due to its ability to lower high blood pressure.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s see the evidence.

According to a 2018 study, cannabinoids exhibit analgesic effects and may relieve chronic pain. CBD is particularly beneficial, acting on multiple pain targets. It displays anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties, and may help reduce most types of pain.

Furthermore, CBD may help improve the symptoms of psychiatric disorders. A 2012 review suggests that cannabidiol may reduce anxiety, compulsive behavior, and memory impairment. These findings were confirmed in both human and animal studies.

As the researchers note, this compound may also exhibit antipsychotic effects and benefit those with schizophrenia. Additionally, it protects against brain damage. In animal studies, it has been shown effective against depression.

If you’re struggling with insomnia, look no further. In a clinical trial, CBD improved sleep in 66.7% of subjects in just one month. Nearly 80% of participants reported anxiety relief.

Cannabidiol was well tolerated and caused no major side effects. Only three subjects experienced mild sedation initially.

CBD products may also promote cardiovascular health. These natural formulas can reduce blood pressure and oxidative stress while preventing heart damage.

As mentioned above, CBD extract promotes relaxation and may help decrease anxiety. Both stress and anxiety can skyrocket blood pressure and affect heart function.

Individuals who are anxious or stressed out often experience arrhythmia, chest pain, and other cardiovascular symptoms. Therefore, cannabidiol oil may protect your heart and lower the risk of stress-related disorders.

A research paper featured in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology notes that CBD may also relax and widen the blood vessels, reduce oxidative damage, and prevent diabetes-related cardiomyopathy. Over time, it may offset the negative effects of inflammation, diabetes, and hyperglycemia.

Why Choose Naked Artisan Hemp Oil Extract?

Based on these findings, it’s fair to say that CBD oil lives up to the claims. Its therapeutic effects are subject to ongoing research. Studies suggest that it may also alleviate cancer symptoms, stop tumor growth, and aid in substance abuse treatment.

CBD products are generally safe. In rare cases, they may cause fatigue, nausea, and other mild side effects. These adverse reactions usually subside within days. Just make sure you choose a quality CBD formula.

Naked Hemp Oil by Elixir Labs meets the highest safety and quality standards. Our formula is allergen-free and can be safely used by anyone. In addition to pure CBD extract, it contains natural flavors, coconut oil, and sweeteners. It has no preservatives or GMOs.

Whether you need CBD oil for pain, stress, anxiety, or insomnia, our Naked Hemp Oil is a safe, natural choice. Try it today or contact us to find out more! Our team is here to answer any questions you may have.